Re: [freenet-support] Re: unsubscribe

2002-08-25 Thread Stef
. -- Another way is to surf to and fill in your email address in the bottom next to the button Edit Options. I hope I could help you. Greetings, Stef Von:John Foss [EMAIL

Re: [freenet-support] Attn.: webmaster of fmb and anyone else that can help

2002-09-03 Thread Stef
, rarely corrupt DS bug, but bad memory management on WinME. Greetings, Stef Am 03.09.2002 17:36:13, schrieb [EMAIL PROTECTED]: On Sun, 25 Aug 2002 13:50:26 +0200, you wrote: You know I'm beginning to think the data store bug might have something to do with Frost. I recently set up a freenet only

Re: [freenet-support] Im an idiot

2002-09-21 Thread Stef
Here you can find help: On Frost Boards: frost_help, frost, newbie, freenet, fmb Good

Re: [freenet-support] Carrying Over The Datastore

2002-11-26 Thread Stef
? Thank you. -Todd Greetings, Stef ___ support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [freenet-support] No frequest.exe or finsert.exe

2002-11-26 Thread Stef
installed freenet. Can somebody help me? Mfg: Frank -- +[++-].++[++-]. Codito Ergo Sum. PGP Key fingerprint: 550E 59F3 4897 733F 9CD7 CC38 7487 E3E9 9DD0 9581 Greetings, Stef ___ support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] http

Re: [freenet-support] unstable builds

2002-11-29 Thread Stef
with the node build. I have Build: 627 and I can load *all* Freesites. (or is there a different result on a stable node?) Perhaps it's a mistake on Cruft's side (wrong version inserted)? Greetings, Stef ___ support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] http

Re: [freenet-support] Hi

2003-01-25 Thread Stef
no limit for information, no possibility to censor something. Freenet is beta software. It's possible that Freenet works better/ over more connection types (like over eMail) and other things in a higher version. Try it out! Greetings, Stef Regards

Re: [freenet-support] Always keep old freenet builds

2003-01-25 Thread Stef
Freenet program directory. I bet that you'll have now build 546. (if not then try freenet-20030123.tgz) Greetings, Stef :GeckoX - -- - Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. War is peace. -- George Orwell -BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE- Version

Re: [freenet-support] Native FEC support

2003-01-29 Thread Stef
used this native code) I ran updatesnapshot about 2 hrs ago. It's not a problem in fred builds, this Unable to find native library for fecX is a status message; there's nothing wrong. Greetings, Stef /N ___ support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED] http

Re: [freenet-support] Building from Source on OS X--Packages not Found

2003-01-29 Thread Stef
... Greetings, Stef *** Error: Could not find package java/lang in: lib/freenet-ext.jar src make: *** [client] Error 1 My CLASSPATH appears to be unset, which is probably the problem. What should I set it to? I'm running 10.2.3 w/Developer package

Re: [freenet-support] Re: Freenet port usage

2003-02-03 Thread Stef
Am 03.02.2003 10:07:31, schrieb bdonlan [EMAIL PROTECTED]: -BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 On Monday 03 February 2003 04:01 am, Victor Denisov wrote: Hmm, still hadn't received a reply through a mailing list, so I'm answering by looking at the archive. Of course, all outgoing

HOWTO unsubscribe (was:Re: I want out too! (Was: Re: ****SPAM**** [freenet-support] PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME))

2003-02-07 Thread Stef
password in the subject or body. That's it. I never did it, but it SHOULD work. Greetings, Stef /Fredrik Persson ___ support mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [freenet-support] freenet as my ISP

2003-02-13 Thread Stef
is some sort of an ISP and you have to pay for it a donation through PayPal... I'm hoping that I don't missunderstand you...) Greetings, Stef XP, how do I get Started, I would also like to know how to donate money to freenet in the future please send info to [EMAIL PROTECTED] not toEarthlink