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Monday, December 7, 2009, 5:11:26 PM, among other things, you wrote:

>>  1. Your anti virus programme turned off.
TH> Turned Off
>>  2. AntiSpamSniper and any other antispam programme turned off.
TH> Turned Off
>>  3. All message filtering turned off.
TH> Turned Off
>>  4. Any firewall programme turned off.
TH> Windows Firewall Always Off... No Third Party Firewall... Using
TH> Firewall in Router Only

>>  If you will be kind enough to do as I suggest and let us all know
>>  the results we will then take it from there.
TH> Here's the status of running this test. I sent a total of five emails
TH> to myself and each one took exactly 15 seconds to send. This is very
TH> odd... it appears TB has decided to time itself out until 15 seconds
TH> has elapsed before processing outgoing mail. Before anyone jumps to
TH> conclusions, my immediate send is selected. I did not run tests on
TH> retrieving email.
I  have  looked  through  my  account  log  and actually found a recent sent
message  which waited exactly 15 seconds after connecting to the SMTP server
before going out.  However this is not consistent, another message completed
in  two seconds, and in another case a batch of 13 almost identical messages
of  about  5.1  kilobytes  each  went out in a total of 47 seconds. I would 
usually  assume this kind of variation is due to the loading on the server, 
which of course can vary from moment to moment.

Have you done any receive tests yet?

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