I'm not as convinced with Anki. Anki is already free, open-source, and 
well-written. Your data may be kept in the cloud, but unless you're a spy 
no one is going to be interested in your language study progress.

How about a bookmark app that you could take with you? Especially if it 
were possible to capture and store small thumbprints of web-pages. 

-- Mark

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 10:24:55 AM UTC-7, Diego Mesa wrote:
> I 100% agree with you Mark that a Dynalist built into TW would be a killer 
> app. I also think the same about Anki, and am working with Simon to 
> achieve that as well! 
> If we could get one or two killer, easy to use and easy to follow 
> "applications" built into TW like that, I think it will do much to bring TW 
> to a much larger audience. 
> On a related note, I have personally built a Paper/Reference management 
> system into TW that I am happy with, and have in the back of my mind to 
> distil into a plugin/edition for demonstration as well.
> On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 11:51:32 AM UTC-5, Mark S. wrote:
>> Workflowy looks like it decided to rest on it's laurels before it had any.
>> For the price of Dynalist, you could get two subscriptions to Evernote. 
>> None of the cloud-based services seem to promise client-side encryption. 
>> An outlining tool built on TW might be the killer app (edition) for TW 
>> that everyone keeps talking about.  I've started on my own "TWFlowy" once 
>> or twice, built on the TOC macro. Someone who knew what they were doing 
>> could probably come up with something really nice, with the security of 
>> local files and the flexibility of TW.
>> -- Mark
>> On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 6:25:53 AM UTC-7, David Gifford wrote:
>>> Seems like a lot of effort when there are better tools for writing and 
>>> outlining, like Dynalist or Workflowy.
>>> David Gifford
>>> Mexico team leader, Mexico City
>>> *Resonate Global Mission*
>>> *Engaging People. Embracing Christ.*
>>> A Ministry of the Christian Reformed Church
>>> resonateglobalmission.org
>>> On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 8:17 AM, JD <jologsd...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi Tony, you mean, like a full-blown outline, right? 
>>>> If that's so, I think, maybe, we can use the TOC template for this. And 
>>>> instead of transcluding the title, we transclude the body of the text 
>>>> (while still following the tag-tree structure). What do you think? 
>>>> My contribution in this will be slow during the weekdays (9 - 5 job + 
>>>> lots of overtime gets in the way)
>>>> This is exciting stuff. I'm thinking of using this to write a 
>>>> novelette. 
>>>> On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 9:17:59 AM UTC+9, TonyM wrote:
>>>>> JD,
>>>>> Should we be using a new thread to collaborate otherwise we are 
>>>>> somewhat hijacking the thread?
>>>>> Of note is I am using filters such as "[tag[WhitePaper]]" where it 
>>>>> would be nice to either include all tiddlers tagged by the tiddlers that 
>>>>> are tagged by WhitePaper like the Table of Contents macro
>>>>> I think there would be value being able to specify more than one 
>>>>> filter as you suggest.
>>>>> For the moment I am just thinking will the second filter be wrapped 
>>>>> inside the first?
>>>>> Imagine filter1 filter2 filter3 = chapter section paragraph
>>>>> So when listing paragraphs we only want to be listing those with the 
>>>>> same chapter and section
>>>>> And ideally each filter will provide the sort order.
>>>>> I will return to this soon.
>>>>> Tony
>>>>> On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 10:24:26 PM UTC+10, JD wrote:
>>>>>> Hey Tony, I was thinking of adding "subtiddler" as another optional 
>>>>>> parameter, then going along these lines:
>>>>>> <$list filter="$filter$" variable="parItem">
>>>>>> <$transclude tiddler=<<parItem>> subtiddler="$subtiddler$"/>
>>>>>> </$list>
>>>>>> As you can see, I'm not quite imaginative enough to think of more 
>>>>>> than that 😅. Please do share your ideas, and use the code present 
>>>>>> on the demo site to build something better (we can build them together, 
>>>>>> too, I just don't know how collabs work).
>>>>>> I'm also still mulling over using the Navigator widget, which 
>>>>>> requires the creation of additional tiddlers, with the absolute pro of 
>>>>>> not 
>>>>>> having to rely on temporary tiddlers... 🤔
>>>>>> On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 7:30:47 AM UTC+9, TonyM wrote:
>>>>>>> JD,
>>>>>>> I just tried this and it is very helpful. Thanks for the demo.
>>>>>>> I just applied it to a list of issues (items tagged Issues) and 
>>>>>>> realised It would be helpful to list the sub tiddlers.
>>>>>>> I have more ideas and some ideas about how to approach it, if you 
>>>>>>> were to develop it further but as you say this conversation is already 
>>>>>>> under way.
>>>>>>> It seems a somewhat simpler approach is down this path.
>>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>>> Tony
>>>>>>> On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 2:09:28 PM UTC+10, JD wrote:
>>>>>>>> I hastily created a wordy little macro that does the same thing, 
>>>>>>>> before I read your post, and now I feel stupid lol 
>>>>>>>> Still, I created a demo for the "paragraphs" macro, as seen here 
>>>>>>>> http://j.d.paragraphs.tiddlyspot.com/
>>>>>>>> But the navigator widget(?) method does look cleaner
>>>>>>>> EDIT: corrected URL
>>>>>>>> On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 12:05:45 PM UTC+9, zemoxian wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Here's a barebones template to start from:
>>>>>>>>> <$navigator story="PE:story" history="PE:history">
>>>>>>>>> {{$:/core/ui/Buttons/new-tiddler}}
>>>>>>>>> <$list filter="[list[PE:story]]" 
>>>>>>>>> template="$:/core/ui/ViewTemplate" 
>>>>>>>>> editTemplate="$:/core/ui/EditTemplate" 
>>>>>>>>> emptyMessage={{$:/config/EmptyStoryMessage}} />
>>>>>>>>> </$navigator>
>>>>>>>>>  You can create custom templates to replace 
>>>>>>>>> $:/core/ui/EditTemplate and $:/core/ui/EditTemplate with simpler 
>>>>>>>>> templates with the required functionality.
>>>>>>>>> For example the view template could be as simple as:
>>>>>>>>> <div>
>>>>>>>>> {{||$:/core/ui/Buttons/edit}}
>>>>>>>>> {{||move-up button}} {{||move-down button}}
>>>>>>>>> <div><$view field=title /></div>
>>>>>>>>> <div>
>>>>>>>>> <$transclude />
>>>>>>>>> </div>
>>>>>>>>> </div>
>>>>>>>>>  The move-up and down buttons would allow you to move paragraphs 
>>>>>>>>> or sections up and down.
>>>>>>>>> On Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 9:58:26 PM UTC-4, zemoxian wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> You could combine a navigator widget with a list widget and a 
>>>>>>>>>> couple of templates to manipulate multiple tiddlers from one 
>>>>>>>>>> tiddler.  This 
>>>>>>>>>> is actually how the story works in the PageTemplate.  I've done this 
>>>>>>>>>> in the 
>>>>>>>>>> past while fiddling with stuff.  The navigator widget handles 
>>>>>>>>>> manipulation 
>>>>>>>>>> of the story tiddler by handling messages from buttons on the view 
>>>>>>>>>> and edit 
>>>>>>>>>> templates for the sub tiddlers.  You can create, edit, delete, save, 
>>>>>>>>>> etc.  
>>>>>>>>>> You can also create buttons with list operations to sort or reorder 
>>>>>>>>>> the 
>>>>>>>>>> tiddlers. (I.e. move up 1, move down 1, move to top, move to bottom, 
>>>>>>>>>> etc.)  
>>>>>>>>>> So, it is possible to keep each sub tiddler as a single paragraph 
>>>>>>>>>> with its 
>>>>>>>>>> own title, tags, and fields and reorder them as needed.  It just 
>>>>>>>>>> depends on 
>>>>>>>>>> what features you want for a particular story editing app. It is a 
>>>>>>>>>> little 
>>>>>>>>>> tedious creating an app like this because you need to create the 
>>>>>>>>>> various 
>>>>>>>>>> templates and buttons, etc.
>>>>>>>>>> On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 12:46:29 PM UTC-4, Vytas wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> I think it is not that important, whether you segment one 
>>>>>>>>>>> tiddler by its fields (if their content can indeed contain longer 
>>>>>>>>>>> texts, 
>>>>>>>>>>> links, images..), or by creating new tiddlers within the primary 
>>>>>>>>>>> tiddler, 
>>>>>>>>>>> AS LONG AS you have the ability to EDIT those segments within the 
>>>>>>>>>>> edit-window of that primary tiddler. 
>>>>>>>>>>> Indeed, if you are writing a coherent text, tagging separate 
>>>>>>>>>>> paragraphs by excising those paragraphs into different tiddlers 
>>>>>>>>>>> makes the 
>>>>>>>>>>> editing very cumbersome: you have to jump to those new tiddlers to 
>>>>>>>>>>> edit 
>>>>>>>>>>> them and then come back to the primary tiddler to see the integral 
>>>>>>>>>>> result. 
>>>>>>>>>> -- 
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