On Feb 24, 2009, at 6:53 AM, Henry E Schaffer wrote:

John writes:
Given Alan's assessment below, there appears to be an impasse without
changing the project name.

 What impasse?

Alan is quoting Matt - who seems to say that if NC State does not have a separate project - and is just powering its production with Apache VCL (and says so) that solves the problem of the conflict between Apache and
NC State appearing to have two different projects on the same topic.

 That leaves the aspect of whether it makes any difference whether or
not anybody spells out VCL as Virtual Computing Lab.  Personally, I
don't see this as an additional problem - any name or acronym needs a
further description - both at NC State and at Apache. Even if we change the name at NC State to something like "cloudseed" - we're likely to say
"Cloudseed is a virtual computing lab ..."  At Apache some of the
documentation is likely to say "Apache VCL is a virtual computing lab ..."
That would put us back into the same imagined conflict.

This is clearly not the same and it would not pull you into the "imagined" conflict.

 Why can't we just make it clear that we're following Matt's #2
2. NCSU consumes the project from Apache and is the NCSU Virtual Computing
Lab Powered by Apache VCL.
by changing our VCL web site to make explicit that our production system
is "powered by" the code from the Apache project - and that would save
a ton of effort all around?

(e.g. then we wouldn't have to change a) the URL that all our students
and faculty have been using for years from vcl.ncsu.edu to
cloudseed.ncsu.edu, b) change vcl_h...@ncsu.edu to
cloudseed_h...@ncsu.edu, c) get ECU, JohnstonCC, MCNC, NCCU, UNCG,
WakeTech and WCU also to make the same changes, ...)

I am not proposing that NCSU change all its literature, website, email, etc. I am proposing that this incubating project change its name; something that happens a lot when projects are incubating in the ASF and there is a naming conflict.


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