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> John writes:
> > Given Alan's assessment below, there appears to be an impasse without
> > changing the project name.
>   What impasse?

The impasse (possibly a poor word choice) is formed by an intersection of
the following:
- Matt's assessment is ncsu established the name vcl as a label for a
production service at ncsu and changing the name of the production service
does not break this association.
- One necessary condition leading to graduation requires that voting members
determine that project naming is independent of any institution/company and
'belongs' to the community.
- We want to name the asf project 'vcl' and change the name of the ncsu
production service.

I'm a little confused about the voting process, but it seems that we don't
get to vote for our own graduation. Given that, it appears we need to do
what Matt/Alan say since they vote and we want the project to graduate.

  Alan is quoting Matt - who seems to say that if NC State does not have
> a separate project - and is just powering its production with Apache VCL
> (and says so) that solves the problem of the conflict between Apache and
> NC State appearing to have two different projects on the same topic.
>  That leaves the aspect of whether it makes any difference whether or
> not anybody spells out VCL as Virtual Computing Lab.  Personally, I
> don't see this as an additional problem - any name or acronym needs a
> further description - both at NC State and at Apache.  Even if we change
> the name at NC State to something like "cloudseed" - we're likely to say
> "Cloudseed is a virtual computing lab ..."  At Apache some of the
> documentation is likely to say "Apache VCL is a virtual computing lab ..."
> That would put us back into the same imagined conflict.
>  Why can't we just make it clear that we're following Matt's #2
> > 2. NCSU consumes the project from Apache and is the NCSU Virtual
> Computing
> > Lab Powered by Apache VCL.
> by changing our VCL web site to make explicit that our production system
> is "powered by" the code from the Apache project - and that would save
> a ton of effort all around?
>  (e.g. then we wouldn't have to change a) the URL that all our students
> and faculty have been using for years from vcl.ncsu.edu to
> cloudseed.ncsu.edu, b) change vcl_h...@ncsu.edu to
> cloudseed_h...@ncsu.edu, c) get ECU, JohnstonCC, MCNC, NCCU, UNCG,
> WakeTech and WCU also to make the same changes, ...)
> >  ...
> --henry

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