A simple suggestion on the name - that VCL be "transferred" to
and become the official project name. Current users of VCL already wrap
their own identity around VCL. NC State would/could still use the qualified
name NCSU VCL or NC State's VCL and others would/could do likewise. For
example the Virginia group already calls their initiative Virginia VCL. I
believe there are no specific acknowledgement requirements for use of software? Meaning that anyone could add a personalized qualifier
or not and a root linkage statement (like powered by's VCL) or
not. Seems to me that providing a combined personal identifier and default
root linkage mechanism would help, not hurt the Apache brand. What I can say
is that this assessment is consistent with and supported by our experience
to date.





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On Feb 25, 2009, at 12:51 PM, Henry E Schaffer wrote:


>  We've had lots of points of view, perhaps showing that we have a

> diversity of starting points and understandings.


>  Is there an Apache Foundation doc (beyond the naming guidelines) that

> gives us a common starting point?


Other than this


I don't think so.






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