On Mar 3, 2009, at 12:42 PM, sam averitt wrote:

Question: Suppose the project name became CloudMaker.  Would it not be
permissible to call the NC State cloud, NCSU CloudMaker or NC State's

That would not be possible. Maybe one way to make it more clear is assume that NCSU is IBM and we are Amazon. Does this statement sound permissible:

Would it be permissible to call the IBM cloud, IBM Electronic Computing Cloud or IBM's Electronic Computing Cloud?

That would definitely not fly for either parties and, so, would not work here.

So what you are saying is that it doesn't matter what the name,
either formal or common, AFS rules require a different name?

Correct, our project name has to be different.

Among other
more recent names we considered was VCloud -- Virtual Cloud as in cloud of
clouds. Would VCloud be an acceptable ASF name?

VCloud might be fine. Anything other than VCL. However, once it's understood that the name has to change, it's the ASF community that gets to decide on the new name.



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On Mar 2, 2009, at 6:31 PM, sam averitt wrote:

A simple suggestion on the name - that VCL be "transferred" to
and become the official project name. Current users of VCL already
their own identity around VCL. NC State would/could still use the
name NCSU VCL or NC State's VCL and others would/could do likewise.
example the Virginia group already calls their initiative Virginia

Unfortunately that's all the more reason for the ASF project to change
its name.

I believe there are no specific acknowledgement requirements for use
apache.org software? Meaning that anyone could add a personalized
or not and a root linkage statement (like powered by Apache.org's
VCL) or

Project attribution should not be confused with with the department.
To be sure NCSU could use Apache VCL, install it,  use it, and provide
attribution.  However, having the progenitor keep its name, VCL,
causes a conflict that needs to be resolved.  This issue can easily be
solved by having this project choose a new name.

Seems to me that providing a combined personal identifier and default
root linkage mechanism would help, not hurt the Apache brand.

Attribution is always appreciated but it's a not very convincing
argument for the ASF keeping a name that is at odds with its
progenitor's and now other universities' project names, VCL.

What I can say
is that this assessment is consistent with and supported by our
to date.

NCSU VCL and its developers have a lot to be proud of.  It's only
natural that both, NCSU VCL and its developers at ASF VCL, would want
to keep their association with the brand.  That brand is only
strengthened as departments from other universities join in and have
their initiatives participate in the VCL brand.  Unfortunately the ASF
must remain independent this branding effort.


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