>From the little that I have researched so far, Sweet was a transformer
designer. The saw negative resistance is some of the transformer types that
he encountered. Negative resistance is associated with the magnetic
amplifier that was used as far back as WWI and it was also used in the V2
rocket.  How Sweet got from the magnetic amplifier to the particulars of
the billet magnetic field configuration is not yet known to me.

Manelas must have been a Sweet replicator who somehow got into the
strontium ferrite magnet technology. These two magnet type technologies
 are different with the COP of the barium ferrite higher than the strontium

The activator overhead for Sweet system must be about the same as for the
Manelas system but the output is 10X higher.

Sweet generates grid compatible AC and Mandela's produced DC.

But energy production is nothing compared to the production of reactionless

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> If Manela followed Sweet’s thinking, what inspired Sweet in the first
> place?  How did he arrive at this oddly splayed out magnetic field?
> Did he visualize a particular shape from a personal theory?  Or was there
> simply a series of empirical findings that led to the result?
> I understand he was trying to shake a magnetic field – perhaps because of
> some observed anomaly. I’m curious as to the thought process.

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