Hey Doug and all searchers,

Start ACube with these
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube a
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube qa
java -cp ACube3.jar ACube sa

And preface the positions with whichever of these you like.  These are
all the search faces I've ever used.

RUL = 430
RULM = 431
RU = 410
LU = 420
RUF = 510
LUF = 520
RUFM = 511
LUFM = 521
RULD = 630
RUFD = 710
LUFD = 720
URD = 610
ULD = 620
MU = 401 (only for EPLL only)
MUD = 601
MUR = 411
MUL = 421

My style is heavily RULM influenced, so will be these face groupings.
 Please add any that I have left out that you all use.

Everyone searching a case please put in the ACube codes for the
position and preface it with the face groupings you like most.

Now we need to know exactly who is searching which cases?  I can do
the T cases, since I already have a lot of my output files still from
those.  For some reason my command window (where I run ACube) won't
let me copy text, so I'll make .jpgs of my screen captures for the
search data I still have.

Nobody go too crazy on T cases until I can put up my T searches that
are already completed (that will save of search time that I've already

Also every who is familiar with ACube put up the codes for your
favorite face groupings.  If you are not familiar with ACube, simply
request some face groupings here and one of us will convert it.


--- In zbmethod@yahoogroups.com, "Doug Lee" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sounds very good.
> I know that I use the "~U" command too so that it doens't count the 
> U turn as part of the length when searching.
> I am very strong when it comes to parsing data, writting parsers, 
> writting scripts that will turn the ACube output directly into a 
> webpage layout, stuff like that.
> So you guys don't have to worry about filtering through data besides 
> making them all triggerific!
> We need someone to write up a bunch of txt files with all the input 
> strings. Perhaps even separated into q,h,s metrics. But organized in 
> a really nice way.
> It looks like it's something that I could run next weekend.
> Just a lucky coincidence I'm doing a bit of computer lab admin this 
> weeka and setting up 20 brand new workstations (multi-processor) 
> that should help out big time.
> I've been running ACube for over 6 years now, so I know how it's 
> done.
> -Doug Li

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