Your negative mailing has exactly the flavor of ego-rich know-all 
arrogance I don't like.

I took a vulnerable attitude by asking a question in a rather open 
way, perhaps even naive. I took that open attitude to provoke all 
kinds of answers and thoughts, including those I did not think of. 
Thanks by the way to those who replied to my post with those answers!

You obviously take this open attitude as a weak attitude; an 
attitude of someone who does not know. And someone you can attack. 
And you do attack in a very strong way, by insinuating I am a drug 
addict and read a Zen book between bongs. How pity you are. You see 
someone weak and start kicking him.

I don't brag about my Zen knowledge. I don't think I am a Zen 
expert. But for your information: I practice Zazen for some two 
years now and go sometimes to a Zen practice Centre. I read Zen 
books although my emphasis is on practicing Zazen. But I am 
defending myself now which is something I did not intend to do.

Although I don't claim to be a Zen expert, I do think about how to 
incorporate Zen in my life. I do that in different ways beside 
practicing Zazen - by reading books, thinking, discussing ... I 
decided to try a new way for me, namely posting in a Zen forum. 

I think this forum is a right forum for my question. If I may quote 
from the forum's homepage:
"This list is for sharing ideas, zazen techniques, Sesshin 
experiences, etc. Discussions can be intense and illuminating. Zen 
Book Discussion is recommended such as Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind;..."

So I don't follow you if you advise me to go away. If other people 
in this list feel I should go away or shut up, please let me know, 
with arguments.

And just to be sure: I have never said or insinuated that Zen is 
just "anything goes" - in the contrary.

I stop here because I don't want to spend more words and time on 
your posting than on the other, more positive and stimulating, 


--- In Zen_Forum@yahoogroups.com, "Jarvis Stamply" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> From: "Eugene" <> Everyone multi-tasks all the time. I think the 
> is not on
> > multi-tasking or not, but on the degree of multi-tasking. This 
> > the discussion more complex than simply saying "don't!".
> >
> You can do whatever you want, just don't shine anyone on by 
calling it Zen.
> Everything may be Zen in the grand scheme of things, but you won't 
> practicing mindfulness, or Zen.
> Zen is not just "anything goes." That is the easy BS for the 
slackers, drug
> addicts, and other assorted losers that are attracted to Zen and 
> pseudo-religions that are outside of the mainstream.
> Anyone self-interpreting their own religion has a fool for a 
teacher. Anyone
> who has the same credentials as a K-Mart stock clerk and is 
claiming to have
> a "philosophy" has been hitting the crack-pipe, heroin, and/or 
ecstacy tabs
> too often.
> If you have been to a real Zen Center and have practiced Zen with 
> guidance of a teacher and have some legitimate experiences to 
relate, please
> post them. If you are just reading a Zen book at home between hits 
from the
> bong, then please go away.

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