The samurai prepares for such a situation in advance. Do you claim he can't then act from Buddha Nature when the time comes? Just the opposite, by preparing his body is tuned to act as it needs in the moment far more efficiently than if he had not trained.


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I will try to answer your question which I assume is: 'What would you do if confronted with someone who was threatening your life?"

I can absolutely truthfully say that I don't know what I'd do. If I knew what I would do then that means I would have thought it all out ahead of time, and then it would me Bill! acting and not Buddha Nature.

I can tell you I would probably do what all animals due when confronted with danger: flight or fight. I would either try to get away - that could be by using persuasive talk or actually running away; or fight - that also could be with threatening talk or behavior, but could include physical assault. If what you are looking for is a definite statement that I would be passive and not commit violence, I can assure you that would not always be the case.

Like responding to a koan, the answer depends on the entire moment: who's asking, what's the situation and what's my experience at that moment.

I hope that response satisfies you. It satisfies me.


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I understand your 'zen logic' in view of a lack of a proper word. In my case:
- If I run into a killer, I will run away, scared to death.
- If I am starving, I will suffer a lot, complaining about bad karma.

Understanding your action cannot be my template, I am still curious what your reaction is in that position 'at this moment when you are writing'. Don't worry about the next moment when you may react differently. I will be disappointed if you say you cannot answer because you only have 'just this' at the present.


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