I understand your 'zen logic' in view of a lack of a proper word. In my case:
-  If I run into a killer, I will run away, scared to death.
-  If I am starving, I will suffer a lot, complaining about bad karma.
Understanding your action cannot be my template, I am still curious what your 
reaction is in that position 'at this moment when you are writing'. Don't worry 
about the next moment when you may react differently. I will be disappointed if 
you say you cannot answer because you only have 'just this' at the present.

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It seems to me you're really obsessed with this killing thing.

My advice to you is to quit thinking about 'what you should do' if you 
encounter a killer. That's like worrying about 'what kind of soap you should 
use' when washing your bowls. Just sit, clear you mind, allow you Buddha Nature 
to function freely and you won't be so obsessed with wondering about what you 
would do in any specific situation. When the situation comes up you will act in 
accordance with your Buddha Nature, just as you do when you are washing your 

Asking me what I would do in any specific situation is useless. What I would do 
or not do should not be a template for you. You must discover you Buddha Nature 
and then you won't have to think about how you would act. In fact 'you' don't 
act. There is no 'you'. There is Just THIS!


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I fully agree with all you say, but on condition that we live in paradise on 
earth, like in the USA, or your part of Thailand, where you are not faced with 
killing, war and other kinds of suffering. When you meet a murderer, and are 
being killed, can you just 'be killed'? Then you qualify for a samurai. When 
you starve with no money to buy food, can you just starve? What if the murderer 
is killing your friend? Do you help him, or just stand by and see him killed?



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