It is my belief that Westerners, with their analyzing minds, will create a lot 
of details and deeper meanings on Buddhism and any other things. As you can see 
from some posts on this site. Sometimes I read them with interest without 
comment, but I find Bill's words much more refreshing, though some of them are 
difficult to swallow.

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Hi Anthony-

I just think the west romanticizes buddhism in general, all forms of it. But of 
course you're right, Tibetan Tantra is not buddhism. But how many westerners 
really understand that? That's part of my point. Westerners do not often grasp 
differences or details or deeper meanings when it comes to buddhism and other 
eastern spiritual practices :-(


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> Artie,
> What are you romanticising? Tibetan Tantra is not Buddhism, or you may call 
> it renegade Buddhism. 

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