What are you romanticising? Tibetan Tantra is not Buddhism, or you may call it 
renegade Buddhism. 

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Exactly Bill! 

So much for the wests romanticising of buddhism. . . .


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> Mayka,
> It’s quite an involved situation. Too much for me to elaborate on here.
> I will just say that I have a real concern on whether the traditional social 
> and cultural structure of Tibet is worth saving. It involves supporting a 
> privileged religious class at the expense of the lay people. The lay people 
> are kept uneducated and are taxed heavily - treated almost like slaves or at 
> least serfs. Woman are kept like domestic animals. Young boys who are given 
> to the religious class to use as orderlies are sometimes sexually abused and 
> almost always physically abused. That's enough about that.
> From a Buddhist point-of-view, the Dalai Lama is adding or prolonging his 
> fellow countrymen's suffering by encouraging them in their fight for 
> independence. I think (my opinion only) he would serve them better as a 
> Buddhist leader to help them severe their attachments to their superstitions, 
> nationhood, language and cultural identity. It is these attachments that are 
> the root of their suffering.
> Again, there are just my opinions and the reason I don't have much respect 
> for the Dalai Lama.

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