Hi ED:
How are you keeping?.  I don't fully understand your statement.  Can you 
elaborate a little bit more?.  
I know I tend to use a lot the And this is to point it out that 
that specific experience is personal to myself and anyone else. It's an "I" 
free from "I"!.  Still a casual zen practicioner and less and less zen buddhist 
Nice to hear from you.
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Hi Mayka,
Welcome to the real world of humans, whose intrinsic non-Buddha nature (as it 
has evolved) is self-interest.
;-)  --ED
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> Hi Mike and Everyone!
> If everytime one has a dissapointment in any established religious 
> institution whether that dissapointment was in Christian, Muslim, Jew, 
> Buddhist, Zen Buddhist, etc, etc institutions:  and  afterwards acts as a 
> destructor towards the institution from which dissapointment took place, then 
> it doesn't sound a very wise way of doing towards oneself.  
> I certainly include myself in this unwise way of doing as I've recently 
> experienced a great dissapointment in the TNH institutions which lead me to 
> criticism of them. Though never as irrespetuos or destructive as many 
> atheists show themselves ugly behaviour in front of Christianity.  This 
> harmful way of doing doesn't affect the instituions established but just to 
> the ones who carries away such violent shows. 
> When I look deeply into myself, I realice that it was me all the way alone 
>who built up a pedestal to that institution.  It was me who caused herself the 
>dissapointment for building a pedestal of "holiness, peace....to the 
>institution".  They weren't the ones!!!. Having seeing this within myself I am 
>now grateful having found that institution from which I was introduced in the 
>walk of zen buddhism.
> I was ever dissapointed in any Christian institutions because I never built 
> up a pedestal to the instituion!.  And so my experience was always healthy 
> and positive.  It was positive because I never put that instituion in a 
> pedestal.  I saw it for what it was.  And so I could get all the benefit from 
> it and never the dissapointment and the anger and frustation that comes with 
> it.
> Mayka

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