Gentlemen, :)
Wait~~ don't get me into this discussion, as it is now "I" who has lost the 
thread.  I was merely trying to point out to DP that debating on-line with 
people who attack him or hurt his feelings seems pointless to me, and making a 
different choice to disengage and move on might be more productive.  I see now 
that it was a waste of my time as he has brought the issue to this forum.  I 
will take my own advice and  move on.  I have no problem accepting both 
atheists  and those who practice faith-based religions.  I don't think atheists 
are ignorant of faith.  That was not my point. My point was-- and is-- perhaps 
people of faith are guided by something other than "facts", whereas atheists 
can, and often do debate religion from an analytical  or logic perspective.  
You can't prove or dis-prove faith, so why try? I'm of the boring  "Can't we 
all just along" school"  Silly me.. 

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Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you, huh. 
Let me spell it out for you one more time. To paraphrase Kristy -  she said 
that atheists are ignorant of faith and so don't understand the religious 
perspective. I pointed out that 1) lots of atheists were once upon a time 
believers who have now 'seen the light' and so do have such experience but 
rejected it. 2) I may be ignorant of the beliefs of other groups but still can 
deduce that they are harmful. NOT that religious folks are the same as 
neo-nazis but the harm that can be DONE is the same. Clear?

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My god, that is disingenuous...

Kristy specifically said that the people who are arguing probably don't have an 
experience of faith and that this means I can't explain it to them.

You essentially said "I don't have to be a Neo-Nazi to understand that it's 

It doesn't take a paranoid person to see a comparison being made. 
You are using your own personal definition of religion to attack. This is not 
my experience of religion, and it never will be.

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> DP,
> I wrote: "Moreover, I am ignorant of what it is to be a neo-nazis, but have 
> no 
> trouble rejecting their beliefs as not just harmful, but wrong."
> You wrote: "You were essentially implying that religious belief was no 
> different 
> from being a "neo-nazi." I'm sorry, but I do find that offensive."
> That wasn't my intention in the above sentence. I could just as easily have 
> said 
> I am ignorant of being a racist/Republican/terrorist/bigot/child-molester etc 
> to 
> make the point. If you see the connection with those and religion, well...
> Mike  


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