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I've seen faith and I think it's okay.Bill!


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> DP,
> You wrote: >And... you just lost the thread. Godwin's Law applies equally
> neo-Nazis as to Hitler.
> >It would be more like rejecting anything German (or, say, rejecting
> >because of the name "National Socialists.")<
> Firstly, Godwin's Law refers to the inevitable reference to Hitler as a 
> fallacious attack against an opponent in an online debate. I wasn't
> you but was merely illustrating how the mind set of an extreme racist (a 
> neo-Nazis) is something I'm gladly ignorant of.

You wrote 
"However, this isn't really the whole story. Many atheists were once
believers who have seen thru 'faith' and have rejected it for what it is.
Moreover, I am ignorant of what it is to be a neo-nazis, but have no trouble
rejecting their beliefs as not just harmful, but wrong."

You were essentially implying that religious belief was no different from
being a "neo-nazi." I'm sorry, but I do find that offensive.

> Furthermore, I'm not sure how I could have "lost the thread" when the
> (Kristy) of the point I was commenting on agreed with me.
Then I disagree with Kristy.

Your entire attitude has been to attack a caricatured view of religion, all
the while dismissing any counter examples. I think you are proving my point
about the people on the forum I was talking about.

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