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> My own personal frustration comes from people not willing to accept
that anything good can possibly come from religion.

Drop your burdensome frustrations.

> I don't feel that I need to defend or answer for everything religion
has done.

Right on!

> I apologize for bringing the subject here. What my real frustration
was was due to the fact that this was a forum which, as I said, had a
portion designated for religious discussions and it was dominated by
anti-religious sentiment.

Drop you burdensome expectations.

Try to cultivate an 'attitude of gratitude' for what you get here.

> I truly believe that many of the issues that are facing our world -
the death of the environment, unrestricted greed - are caused by rampant
materialism, in both the sense of money and in the sense of denying the
spiritual. I think we need more, not less spiritual input in our world,
and anything remotely spiritual seems to be struck down.

The world will never go the way you and I *know* it ought to go.  Don't
worry, be happy.  --ED

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