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IMHO, 'scientific mumbo-jumbo' is *your* illusion/delusion.

[Bill!]  Science is illusory so it is everyone's illusion who embraces it.


Zen, being a natural phenomenon, is quite amenable to observation,
meaurement and logical scrutiny - like all natural phenomena are.

[Bill!]  Zen is not exactly observation.  Observation requires a dualistic
split between object an observer.  Zen is experience, not observation.


The degree of  "emphasis" on this scientific inquiry is an indivudual's
choice - the one that works best for the temperament of the individual.

[Bill!]  Yes indeed!  The degree of emphasis (attachment) to any illusion in
left up to the individual (self) - and that includes both spirituality and
scientific inquiry.


Surely, you are not frozen in the stance of "only one way"?

[Bill!]  There is Just THIS!  All else is illusion.  Spirituality, logic,
science, etc., are all illusory.  If you call insisting on this 'only one
way', then yes I am frozen in that stance.



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