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> I don't trust of introducing these methods in the health system.

Mayka, some do, some don't.

> It's more simple the old method of "love" as the guide.

What 'love' do you have in mind?

    * a strong positive emotion of regard and affection;      * any
object of warm affection or devotion;     * have a great affection or
liking for;     * get pleasure from;     * a deep feeling of sexual
desire and attraction;     * be enamored or in love with;     * sleep
together: have sexual intercourse with;

> This is so like this that it came yesterday the them of kindness
during the sharing time in my sangha I went almost shocked of how
complicated they made it sound something that I personally I take for
granted and so are carer in the old fashion system of "love".

How is it that you feel 'love' but some other don't?

In you, where does this old-fashiond love emanate from?

>From your genetics? From the mores of your childhood religion or
ethnicity? From possessing a loving mother?

Something else?

> When one is in no good health all one wants is human warm, love...

Zen would recommend that one be still and quiet, and just experience in
the moment this grasping for love.

> ... instead of having someone telling one to meditate.
> Mayka

Zen suggests that the antidote is to experience things just as they are
in the moment, without aversion or pushing away.


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