Here you go.  You've got it in action the meaning of love expressed in empathy 
for the other person, kindest, encouragement, vocabulary used watering 
confidence over the listener.
Thank you for your beauty and participation in the forum.  Thank you for being 
PS: I've been fasting since Wednesday ( eating about 10 black olives and 
vegetable stock drink) and Thursday and today just water.  I never fasted 
before and perhaps there is some irritation today in me.  I have to undergo 
tomorrow a double test tomorrow Saturday that requires to have the bows 
completely clean.  I have managed that already.  My bows are completely clean.  
But find a little difficult to handle all the craving, irritation. I was ok 
wednesday and yestarday but not as much today. 

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> ED:
> I give you that and you may be right and it was an arrogant remark.
Mayka, the Zen forum is privileged to have a person with the belief and 
confidence in self that you possess.
> Sorry offense was not intended.
I know. You are merely telling it like you think it, see it, feel it, 
experience it.  
...Please forgive me if I choose to be silence. Best Mayka
Nothing to forgive. You are a free agent to be silent or to speak out. However, 
your expressing your views furnishes the Zen Forum with 'grist for the 
mill' for the refinement of our understanding of zen.
Kind regards, ED

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