Yes learning a language is not just about the words but also involves its 
own culture.   Things that in English are considered abrupt or even rude in 
some of the Spanish areas is considered a direct, sincere, straight forward way 
of talking free from hypocrisy. However, Times are changing and what it was 
considered before naked sincerity has started to be considered  by some now as 
an aggressive way of expression.  Nonetheless, i do feel a great release every 
time I go to Spain and can express myself so straight forward with people.  And 
this is because Spanish is my first language.    If you need a hand with your 
Spanish let me know.  Are you learning the Spanish Language from Spain Europe 
or the Spanish from South America?.  I'm asking this question because there is 
a variation in the way we use vocabulary.  There are expression used in Spain 
that are unknown by South American people and viceverse.  A little bit as the 
 spoken in America, UK, Australia.  


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My son has just started kindergarten at a full immersion Spanish school, which 
means that the teachers only speak Spanish. I have been trying to speak some 
Spanish as a result, and it is truly interesting. My languages in school were 
all read languages, Latin, Greek, Old English, so my only experience with 
non-fluent speaking has been brief touring in Italy with my school Latin and an 
Italian primer. As I get more brave about actually trying to communicate in 
Spanish, I feel like a totally different person than in English. I don't feel 
like I have thoughts I have trouble expressing well, I feel stupid. As long as 
the other person speaks slowly ad doesn't stray too far from the tiny channel I 
can handle, I am like a happy child, but then boom they roar off and I feel my 
brain left far behind 

Chris Austin-Lane
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> Ed, 
> So, my advice is to give Mayka a very large amount of latitude on her 
> phrasing, 
Yes, I should avoid responding to all statements, whose intended meaning I am 
not at least 90% certain I apprehend correctly.
>  ... and approach all of her posts with a generous and positive attitude.
> Otherwise she's liable to put a big case of whoop-ass on you!
> …Bill!

Definition of 'whoop ass' (new term to me): 

A can of whoop ass, sometimes written as whoopass, is a slang figure of speech 
referring to a "whooping" (whipping or beating) of someone's buttocks. It is 
used to indicate that aggressive and dominating actions are pending, as in a 
competition or sporting event. ...
There is no avoiding the inexorable Law of Karma: naughty boys do what they do 
and they get what they get!  ;-)   



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