Ed,  You observed and commented:


> It does happens.  Look into the soul of the post,specially love and with a
bit of luck you may understand what I meant by that. 


I experience your statement above as arrogant, condescending and insulting -
but I acknowledge to myself that that's how *I* experience you - and so


[Bill!] I understand that upon reading Mayka's statement above you might see
it as arrogant, etc.  Mayka's been on this forum for a long time and I think
I can assure you that she is not any of those things.


English is a second language for her (Spanish her first) and she sometimes
uses English in ways that appear to native English-speakers to be abrupt,
arrogant or even funny.  I think it's just because she has a good vocabulary
but does not yet have the same 'feel' for the language as native-speakers.


I speak two other languages (kind of) and speak Thai on a regular basis.  I
probably speak more Thai any given day than I speak English.  Although I
have a fairly broad vocabulary I sometimes say things in Thai that sound
strange to a native Thai-speaker.  This is because for new phrases or
thoughts that I haven't said or heard said before I just translate the
English phrase word-for-word into Thai.  Like saying 'now the shoe's on the
other foot' in Thai probably wouldn't mean anything to a Thai.


So, my advice is to give Mayka a very large amount of latitude on her
phrasing, and approach all of her posts with a generous and positive


Otherwise she's liable to put a big case of whoop-ass on you!



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