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> Chris:   > Things that in English are considered abrupt or even rude
in some of the Spanish areas is considered a direct, sincere, straight
forward way of talking free from hypocrisy.      That's the way it feels
to persons when immersed in a culture/society different from their
chilhood culture/society.       > However, Times are changing and what
it was considered before naked sincerity has started to be considered by
some now as an aggressive way of expression.     Persons raised in a
culture/society other  than the one they are currently immersed in, may
experience their ambient culture as rude or aggressive or cold or aloof
or intrusive or etc. - and vice versa.       > Nonetheless, i do feel a
great release every time I go to Spain and can express myself so
straight forward with people.  And this is because Spanish is my first
language.    Mayka   Spanish culture was the first one you were exposed
to as a child. I think that it may be more open, warm and
straight-forward than the colder, phlegmatic, and private culture of
Anglos.   --ED   

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