Chris, what is the recommendation in your message below to me/us?


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> My son has just started kindergarten at a full immersion Spanish
school, which means that the teachers only speak Spanish. I have been
trying to speak some Spanish as a result, and it is truly interesting.
My languages in school were all read languages, Latin, Greek, Old
English, so my only experience with non-fluent speaking has been brief
touring in Italy with my school Latin and an Italian primer. As I get
more brave about actually trying to communicate in Spanish, I feel like
a totally different person than in English. I don't feel like I have
thoughts I have trouble expressing well, I feel stupid. As long as the
other person speaks slowly ad doesn't stray too far from the tiny
channel I can handle, I am like a happy child, but then boom they roar
off and I feel my brain left far behind

> Thanks,   > Chris Austin-Lane
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> Ed,

> So, my advice is to give Mayka a very large amount of latitude on her

Yes, I should avoid responding to all statements, whose intended meaning
I am not at least 90% certain I apprehend correctly.

>  ... and approach all of her posts with a generous and positive

> Otherwise she's liable to put a big case of whoop-ass on you!

> …Bill!

Definition of 'whoop ass' (new term to me):

    * A can of whoop ass, sometimes written as whoopass, is a slang
figure of speech referring to a "whooping" (whipping or beating) of
someone's buttocks. It is used to indicate that aggressive and
dominating actions are pending, as in a competition or sporting event.

There is no avoiding the inexorable Law of Karma: naughty boys do what
they do and they get what they get!  ;-)


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