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> Mayka,

> My comment was directed towards Ed, not you. Opening up a can of
whoop-ass from
time to time and when it' appropriate is fine with me.

Bill and Mayka,

And fine by me too.

> If you think Ed is a 'male feminist' (chauvinist) tell him.

Better still, tell him what you think (as above), what this thought make
you feel, and what you want (which 'want' is usually or always a
consequence of one's 'attachment' to something or other.)

> See what he says.

He may say nothing, which is his prerogative. The process of asking the
three questions can of itself bring much insight.

> All this should be irrelevant in this forum, but it's not.

Absolutely not irrelevant.

> More to the point things like this should be irrelevant to you. Why
does it bother you? Tell Ed
about it.


That penetrates to the heart of the matter.


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