I have no one that knows me well.


"We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life."
- William Osler

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> It is very easy to feel there is no difference between self and other while
> alone, whether under a tree outside or in a server room. Maintaining that
> understanding while a person that knows you well and is really mad at you
> and is in some conflict with you is a different challenge.
> I sometimes joke that my koan that I am working on is 'my wife and I are
> not  two.'
> I do find that my getting upset at other people is showing I have some idea
> that reality should be different than it is. The nice thing about an
> intimate relationship in the zen context is that it is much harder to fool
> yourself about your level of maturity than when you are more alone. I
> personally also find that while he various forms of moving meditation are a
> good way to maintain calm awareness, zazen is unsurpassed for establishing
> it in the first place.
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> Chris Austin-Lane
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