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I don't have any position. These are my personal experience. You could have your personal experience. Each journey of ours is unique. Each journey is precious. What is yours? However you say it is, it is not. Diamond sutra already repeated this over and over with 5,000 words for this simple statement. Everything is not what it is. It just is.

Spiritual journey is a pure internal witness without any shape or form. No matter how we try to describe, it is incomplete and never it.

Buddha is inside us and not outside.  Awakening got to come from inside.

Instead of quoting the sutra, my Teacher always say, "practice and you shall witness. Don't take my word for it."

Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

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Do you have a reference to support you position that kensho is prior to

Thanks, ED

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> You say: " Kensho" is resulted from sitting, which is a state before

> I think kensho results from sitting and it is a state after samadhi.
That is what most people think. If you think otherwise, perhaps you had
a unique experience.

> I bow back to you.
> Anthony

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