It is impossible to transcend words, unless you wanted to go lower than my IQ.

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Hi, Ed, Anthony
To help the others you should be able.
Without the oxygen mask, you could not help.
Extrem: only an oxygen mask.
Well, probably I will renounce to it on behalf of  anyone that is in my heart 
( (yes, attachement. But compassion is also attachement, as I understand)
Any listizen have read Alfred Van Vogt books on Non-A worlds?
He said a thing that I find relevant: the word is not the thing, although many 
(myslef included) think in terms of words, not things. You should trascend 
words. I equal it to trascend duality.
Disclaimer: alfred got blind because he tried to cure his miopy looking at sun, 
as per a "something" that erases all dismissing mentions to it in internet 
With best wishes

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You say: Of what use is a dead bodhisattva to anyone?
My suggestion: fly to Dharamsala and ask Dalai Lama. (It is an essential 
mahayana teaching that you should help others before helping yourself.)

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Of what use is a dead bodhisattva to anyone?
A mother who really cares for her child will put on her own oxygen mask first.
On the other hand, "The life of an enlightened being is like the shadow of a 
bird on water."
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> Bill,
> You got it wrong. Bodhisatvas advise you put the oxygen mask on other people 
> before you have it on yourself. > 
> You have not answer whether you don't think preventing turmoil is necessary.
> Anthony

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