James Carlson wrote:
> Martin Man writes:
>> Well, if I understand this correctly, zoneadmd does plumb and will
>> eventually do dhcp config of the VNIC.
> VNIC?  I think we were discussing the use of DHCP with regular
> shared-stack zones and ordinary logical interfaces.

I'm lost in Sun's "always-have-at-least-three-names-for-the-same-thing"
madness, fortunately it didn't confuse you :-))

I understand physical interface bge0 and I know logical interface
bge0:1. forget the rest please..., somehow I was thinking about VNIC
being the Virtual NIC, e.g., logical interface... ????

> I think the proposal would be to make the DHCP-learned information
> available within the non-global zone, not to go modify the zone's
> files from the global zone.
> One way to do this would be to make the /etc/dhcp/$IF.dhc file visible
> in the zone, and write the raw DHCPACK there.  There are probably
> better ways of doing this, such as making dhcpagent's internal control
> socket (used by dhcpinfo) available in the zone.

as long as it will work with BrandZ I basically don't care...

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