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From what you're saying I deduct that Plone 2.1 favours Zope 2.7 over
2.8. Below you are suggesting that Plone 2.5 should do the same with
Zope 2.8 (favouring it over 2.9). I don't understand why that should be.
If one version has to be favoured at all, it should be the most recent
one. That way it's made clear that the lower version (2.7, 2.8) is only
still supported as a courtesy for those who don't want to upgrade right
now. All other Plone developers and users should preferrably use the
highest stable of Zope, otherwise Plone will continue to lag behind at
least one Zope major release.

Well, this depends on what release ships when. We made a decision not to ship Zope 2.8.0 as the standard in the installers when shipping Plone 2.1 - and that turned out to be a good choice, based on the number of problems it had.

I can guarantee you that Plone 2.5 will not ship with a Zope 2.9.0. A Zope 2.9.(1|2|3) might be possible, but there's no way we are shipping a .0 release of Zope with Plone. Once burnt, twice shy. :)

That and make the upgrade from Zope 2.7/2.8 to 2.9 flawless as well as
make 2.9 the *recommended* version for Plone 2.5. Then I don't think it
should be much of a problem for Rocky to not have this available in 2.8,
except perhaps if he wants to get started right now, with Plone 2.1
(though that might still run under Zope 2.9 and CMF 1.6, I hope).

What we ship in installers is one thing, what we personally use and recommend is another. The installers will always be more conservative when choosing versions.

Most developers using Plone 2.1 uses it with Zope 2.8, but the installers ship with Zope 2.7, and it turned out to be a good decision in hindsight.


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