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Jim Fulton wrote:

FYI, there's a similar zip file now containing the same kind of thing for a
current Zope3 checkout (s/Zope2/Zope3/ in the URL).
If this is good enough for people trying to work from CVS on Windows, let me
know and I'll update them from time to time, and maybe move them to a saner location.

I'd be happy to set up a nightly (or weekly, let me know which would be better) scheduled task (see, it's Widnows, there is no Cron, although Schedules Tasks do have a much nicer UI ;-) ) that checked out he latest HEAD of Zope 3, compiled it and PUT it up to my member area

I think that a nightly windows build would have a strong psychological effect.

I *did* manage to get Z3 compiled under Cygwin.

I had downloaded it to my Cygwin home directory with my TortoisCVS (win client). TortoiseCVS converts newlines to Windows newlines.

This, together with an apparent bug in PageTemplates or somesuch, gave me an error when I tried to go to a page in Plone. Are we missing a testcase here ;-)

It compiled fine, and all, but just couldn't show any pages.

When I downoaded it from CVS with the Cygwin command line client, it ran just as it should. I didn't need to do anything special.

I am writing an extensive How-To on this in any case. It's nice infor to have out there.

But I would rather run it from my normal Python under Windows. It would be easier in the long run I think.

I wouldn't mind writing a how-to for how to get that up and running either.

I actually like writing technical documentation. Go figure.

regards Max M

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