None of my vehicles has any communication to anyone, except to the door
key FOB.
It can come in handy and I do understand Rental centers who want to be
able to get  GPS location from their cars to see where they are when
they are "lost". For a manufacturer to earn the trust that he will
always act in the best interest of the customer (as Tesla has
overwhelmingly done in almost every instance they had to make a
judgement call) it has enormous benefits to be aware of the performance
of their cars and get early  warning signs of trouble - for example a
Tesla can have multiple cell failures in their battery pack without the
customer ever noticing anything amiss, but the BMS will report home that
it is seeing increasingly unbalance and must reduce the total capacity
of the pack, so Tesla can schedule you for a swap even before you notice
that you no longer have full range from your pack...
But then there are the issues that pop up such as should Tesla limit the
number of times that you can engage launch mode or take off in "insane"
They did and after outcry, it was quickly reversed...
There are always two sides to a coin. If one is not acceptable, you also
have to surrender the other side.
Everyone gets to pick based on what they find acceptable and desirable.

BTW, most my cars are old and that is the reason they have no
communication: 1994 Chevy S10 (US Electricar conversion) and MY
2001-2002-2005 Prius, but also 2011 and 2012 Leaf which have not
received the TCU update, so their 2G communication is no longer
supported. They still receive GPS position for navigation so that is a
nice feature.

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> And, if Tesla suspects any foul play, they can instantly disable a 
> Tesla ...

This, and the creepy constant monitoring, are the main reasons I will
never buy a Tesla.  NEVER.  

You don't ever really own your Tesla, you're just borrowing it from your
dad Elon.

It's a darn shame.  The Tesla is a great accomplishment. I know that
some folks are fine with the spying and control -- even welcome it.
Others don't notice or care.  Great, go for it.  For me, nope nope nope
nope nope no way.

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