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Simple, that is exactly the difference between a service and a property. How
much did you pay for the purchase of your credit card?

If you could get your car for free and only pay a certain amount afterwards
for what you used, then it would be pretty fair to give the real owner of the
car the right to terminate its use when needed (like canceling a credit

But allowing someone else to disable *your* property is not always a
comforting thought, Unless you have a guarantee that it will only happen with
your approval,

Exactly my thoughts.

I have a deep distrust of companies that pretend to "sell" things that in fact
have strings attached... strings that they can pull any time they like to
disable it for any reason THEY decide is in their interest (and not mine).

If they're going to loan/rent/lease an item, that needs to be made completely
clear up-front (and be priced accordingly). Otherwise, it's deceptive or even
Obsolete (Ob-so-LETE). Adjective. 1. Something that is simple,
reliable, straightforward, readily available, easy to use, and
affordable. 2. Not what the salesman wants you to buy.
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