On 22 Sep, 16:29, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:
> On 22 Sep 2009, at 15:51, Flammarion wrote:
> > He goes on to conclude that I am being generated by an immaterial
> > UD. That is not possible if there are no immaterial entities.
> You are in a third person way.

That is still not possible if there are no immaterial entities.

>If you are a program relatively to any
> "real world", you are 'executed' infinitely often by the material UD,
> and by the arithmetical UD too in the corresponding third person sense).

Not if there is no immaterial (or as you call it, arithmetic) UD.

> And MGA makes the need of a material UD non sensical, for anything
> epistemological.

A material UD cannot be redundant unless there is an immaterial
one to take its place.

> Some people can argue that MGA is not needed. They believe that it is
> obvious that consciousness is not something material at all, and that
> it is a waste of time of both trying to attach consciousness to
> matter, or to argue with those who believes that is possible (with or
> without comp).
> Do you see the different 'big' picture (as opposed to believe it
> follows from comp)?

There is no problem attaching consc to PM. There is a problem
attachign consc. to mathematical structures, whether phsycially
or not.
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