> I think Descartes HAD to include the soul into his 'human' unit to escape
> from Inquisition and that is why he anticipated the "complexity" in our
> time's idea - that includes the body and *mind* with its bi sided influences
> as a body-soul dualism. (I don't want to start a battle on this).

re-read Descartes.... (no not on wikipedia)

> Consciousness - as the process of responding to relations is universal,

that is a third-person view of consciousness.... an outside view of
consciousness rotted in a first-person consciousness.... you don't
have to study phenomenology to understand or describe that first-
person.... it is brute fact, bare perception, albeit of a
spiritualized nature and conditioned not only by body but also by
mind...... hence elusive, mutable, and temporal as-it-is.... it would
be ridiculous to conceive of post-mortem consciousness.... if you ask
me.... unless you want to assert that we are like babies being carried
around by mother nature for some ultimate goal and through some
unknown  and unaccounted for mechanism.... and you would have to
advance a world-view of a more spiritualized system of nature
overlapping it all... this would be a futile endeavor.

if you ask me, there really isn't something called consciousness.....
there is only imagination..... and whatever else there is besides
imagination can only be known through imagination and in the distorted
and abstracted terms of imagination.... what ever else exists besides
imagination is a x.... back to Kant.

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