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Let me try, assuming mechanism. Would you agree that in the case you are  
cut and pasted in two different places, the resulting individuals share a  
common memory-past? From this we can make sense of "sharing a consciousness",  
and may be understand that personal identity is relative. Would the 
original,  before the duplication, die in case one of the copy will die? 

I can understand that sharing consciousness can be felt as a meaningless  
notion, in case consciousness is defined by the first person experiences  
including memories, but thought experiments can be imagined to defend the idea  
that we might survive amnesia (as it is commonly believed), in which case 
the  'consciousness" we share might be the consciousness of the least common 
part  to ... all Löbian machines, or even all universal machines? 

We never really know who we are, it seems to me, and that ignorance makes  
me open to the idea that "sharing consciousness" might make some sense.


Well-said, Dr. Marchal. However many thousands of people 'share'  
experiences at, say a football game, even though it is a vastly, different  
experience for each individual. I would say that a fraction of the shared  
is identical, for many, as it would be when many thousands view a  ball 
being kicked into the goal? If somehow, quantum teleportation is  demonstrated 
to be something that human brains occasionally are capable of, then  that 
would prove my point, but I cannot and will not make a claim for this  today. 
If you agree, at some level that Tipler's Omega Point is at all valid, then 
 all the MWI versions of Dr. Marchal, would converge at the nexus of the  
singularity, and we'd have a collective being, sharing multitudes, of  
experiences, from what was once, the same identical person. I cannot imagine  
such a person would be like, except the psychological, phrase 'multiple  
personality disorder! This would be for everyone, of course, not just for  you.

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