On 2/4/2012 10:56 PM, Richard Ruquist wrote:
Regarding the issue of instantiation, the recent GHZM quantum experiments may be relevant as they imply a lack of a pre-existing reality. Here is a rather long and technical argument that there is no pre-existing reality.
I provide below the first and last paragraphs in this argument. The last paragraph explains what he means by pre-existing reality. In it he negates MWI, all hidden variables theories and even classical physics.
Richard Ruquist
Lubos Motl:
I want to go through the GHZM experiment again and somewhat carefully (and in latex) and discuss the insanity of the assumptions about the laws of Nature that are forced upon you if you want to believe in "realism", i.e. the idea that the results of experiments (including those at the microscopic level) reflect a pre-existing reality. What I finally want to emphasize is that all this redundant and "objectively real but totally unobservable" superstructure – from many worlds to extra invisible Bohmian positions of particles (which can't help in the case of spin or particle production, anyway) or other hidden variables to GRW collapses prescribed from above – is only being invented because certain people behave as bigots who are unable to admit that the physics research in the 20th century has irreversibly falsified all intrinsically classical models of the reality. All the new "fanciful stuff" with tons of choices and processes (superluminal communication, preferred frames, collapses, the length scale to which the GRW collapses shrink the wave function, the frequency of such flashes etc.) that can never be observed and with the infinite amount of fine-tuning and obfuscation that is needed for it to fake the real, relativistic quantum world (to guarantee that none of the new predictions is really observed) is only being proposed because some people's bigotry has no limits. Their dogmas about "realism" are more important for them than /any/ amount of empirical evidence, more important for them than everything that science has actually found.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for posting this. I am a *huge* fan of Lubos, well except for his fanatical belief in SUSY... My take on this article is a reasoning from physics that backs up, in a sense, Bruno's claim that the physical world is not primitive. But it is not just a dream of primitively existing numbers either. Somehow the UD must be physically implemented, so instead of trying to figure out how the "pre-ordained harmony" of the Platonic UD is set up, why not just let the UD run eternally, eventually there will be strings in the dovetailing that are exact virtual reality computations of each and every one of our 1p. So instead of a ab initio special blue print of our universe, we might consider all possible physical worlds obtaining as per Lubos' discussion and running some version of a UD. The trick is figuring out the finite bounds on the 1p of observers. My conjecture is that the 1p content of observers is restricted to being representable by Boolean algebras, but I have to prove this somehow. :-)



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