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On 6/25/2012 6:22 PM, Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:


Hales, C. G. 2012 The modern phlogiston: why 'thinking machines'
don't need computers TheConversation. The Conversation media




P.S. I am done with this issue. I'll just 'Lavoisier' my way
through the phlogiston.

Good luck. I agree with your point: Engineering first, then science.

Here there is a big question whether an engineer has free will (is an engineer different in this respect from a scientist?). In other words, whether the M-theory has already determined all actions of engineers or engineering allows us to find out whether the M-theory is correct.


But you must know it's not as simple as "tissue" implying some
undifferentiated stuff. Even planaria have a wiring diagram, so to
get AGI you probably need to start with the right wiring diagram. And
if it is right it will still take a long time to educate it.

Brent "Artificial intelligence is just whatever doesn't work yet."

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