On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 10:14:38 AM UTC-4, Stephen Paul King wrote:
>     Right! That is how naming occurs.


I was thinking of this:

If we recorded every commercial transaction by name, we could produce a 
fingerprint signature for any given commodity sold by plotting out a 
function of price vs location. If we wanted to quantify a Hershey with 
Almonds bar, we could come up with a unique set of datapoints for every 
store in every city that corresponds to those sales and reverse engineer a 
wavefunction that we could associate uniquely with the HwA bar. 

Still we have said nothing about the chocolate or the consumers, buyers, or 
sellers. We can't ever get to the quality of what is being sole even though 
we have a convincing way of articulating the quantitative nature and 
topological distribution of the sales transactions.

I think this it the critical fault of all possible systems which seek to 
approach consciousness as a secondary effect. Whether materialist or 
idealist, all quant-based approaches are doomed to mistake the interstitial 
relation for that which is relating.


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