On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 12:20:18 PM UTC-4, Stephen Paul King wrote:

> Hi Craig,
>     Nice idea but it would wreck the fungibility requirement that modern 
> economies require. The fact that the physical object Mars Bar is equivalent 
> to any other Mars Bar is how quality is maintained for a brand. The same 
> goes for the value of a Dollar bill. It the value where history dependent 
> then it would make all physical object unique and thus not fungible. The 
> cost of tracking the differences of commodities would be HUGE and swamp 
> everything else. We see a toy model of the case where  fungibility vanishes 
> (ideally as copies are forgeries!) in the art market.

 Hi Stephen,

Sure, yeah I'm not suggesting an alternative economic system, just making 
an analogy to comp. We could come up with a string of quantitative 
variables: $1.29 150,000 times on 8/19/12 in Trenton, NJ + $1.22 67,000 
times in Huntsville AL, etc = statistics for Mars Bars and nothing else - 
uniqueness is conserved but the inferred equivalence is bunk. The 
statistics are nothing but a silhouette of stochastic aggregations, having 
nothing to do with the underlying Mars Bar. Same goes for the brain. A 
perfect map of what a brain does gives you nothing to do with the 
possibility of copying consciousness.


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> Onward!
> Stephen
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