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>>> Keep in mind that I use the compatibilist definition of free will,
>>> which is the (machine) ability to exploits its self-indetermination (with
>>> indetermination in the Turing sense, (not in the comp first person sense,
>>> nor the quantum one). It is basically the ability to do conscious choice.
>> >> I can't keep it in mind because the above sounds very much like
>> gibberish.
> > What exactly sounds like gibberish?

Well, to list the gibberish we should probably begin with "the comp first
person sense", but that's just the start. We mustn't forget the very word
"compatibilists" because they like to make noises like "free will and
determinism are compatible ideas" without having the slightest "idea" what
free will means. Or compatibilist, who insist that "free will" can exist
for reasons that have nothing to do with metaphysics but fail to realize
that if it exists for any reason, metaphysical or otherwise, then it's
deterministic. And lets not forget those who insist that in order to
qualify as "free will" the "conscious choice" must not be done for a reason
AND it must not not be done for a reason.

  John K Clark

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