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    In the same way, except a few in a concrete time in the greek history, the 
    believed that the earth was flat, with the center in Greece. The world 
    (ocean) was a river, that surrounded the earth, where greece was at the 

    The XII century, the time of Juachim de Fiore, and the time of the Katars 
was a
    time of greath economic growth. It is true that the inquisition was created 
at that
    time, but except with the katars (that worshipped Lucifer), the  
Inquisition became
    really active in the Renaissance.The horrid Spanish Inquisition produced 
    2000 death penalties, while the protestants burned without ,judicial case,
    thousands between battle and battle in the European wars of religion

    Compare this with the hundreds of thousands killed in La Vendee, a smal 
region of
    France in a few days, killed by the rationalist french revolutionaries

    It was more like 70,000 and it was in putting down an insurrection.

    or the hundred millions killed by the scientific socialists.

    The Stalinist and Maoists were hardly 'scientific', they just weren't 
theists.  For
    example, they rejected Darwin just like Baptists do.

They were as scientific as your global warmist friends.

The people like you have a great advantage: you are born every morning, and with the tooth paste, hearing the news, blaming the world for their faults,

A least I place the blame where it belongs.  You blame whoever is not a fellow 

you auto-sanctify yourselves.

And you have a professional priesthood to save you the trouble.

Your country did something bad? You are not concerned,

I marched in protest of Viet Nam and the second Iraq war and in support of the civil rights movement. I canvassed votes for Gene McCarthy door-to-door and later for George McGovern.

you blame your country.  Your father did something bad? you blame your father,

Well sure.  I'm not God who punishes everybody for what Adam and Eve did.

You are nothing. you are you.

Make up your mind.

You can blame everyone else for his faults, but you were born yesterday, you are willing to betray your father to avoid any blame.

Now you're just ranting.

    (or the 5+30 millions killed by the  modern eugenesists).

And hundreds of millions condemned to starvation and venereal disease by the Catholic Church's opposition to birth control and condoms.

    The selection of stories in a biased way is a proof of nothing but the own 

    It seems strange to hear moral relativism from a Christian.  I'd say it's 
    that all those events and whatever agenda they were implementing were evil. 
 But the
    point is that the Church held itself as the sole and absolute moral 
authority with
    instructions directly from God.  So it's a little more significant when it 
    its crimes in the name of God.

I accept the good things and the true bad things of my tradition. but not the 
false ones.

Of your tradition? Is there nothing you have done yourself? You just "accept" the bad? You have not protested the pedophilia, the oppression of women, the ignorant opposition to stem cell research, the homophobia,...

And you? have you something to blame yourself?. You are one in a wave of hypocrites that will repeat the bloody errors of your tradition,

Maybe so, but so far as I know no scientist has advocated burning an opponent 
at the stake.

that has a long history of horrors. It is not certainly the tradition of your country, neither the tradition of Christendom. You donĀ“t even know it. It is more: you negate it.

I know the traditions of my country quite well and they include religious tolerance - the first nation to encode that in its constitution.

"If God had decreed from all eternity that a certain person
should die of smallpox, it would be a frightful sin to avoid and
annul that decree by the trick of vaccination."
      --- Timothy Dwight, President of Yale 1795-1817

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