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> I understand the point, I just find that there's something rather
> puritanical about this view. Tweaking a computer program to perform a
> task well is "hard" and "real work", laying in an isolation tank trying to
> observe yourself from inside is silly. I enjoy both kinds of activities, by
> the way :)

You may personally enjoy both equally but historically only one sort of
activity has proved useful and helped us understand how the universe works,
while the other activity has not advanced one inch in thousands of years.

> I am all for AI robots that behave like humans -- or better yet, do all
> of the nasty work for us. Or that appear emotional enough to provide
> companionship to lonely people. All of this is great. But why bet that we
> solved the consciousness problem then?

Because if you are a logical man then your doubts about the consciousness
of a intelligent robot would be no greater than your doubts about the
consciousness of your fellow intelligent  human beings; and lets face it as
a practical matter those doubts must be very very very very small.

> I don't see how the two things are related.

If you believe that intelligence and consciousness are unrelated then
logically there is no alternative, you must believe that Charles Darwin was
wrong. I don't think Charles Darwin was wrong, I think Darwin was the
greatest scientist who ever lived AND the discoverer (along with Alfred
Wallace) of the most important philosophical fact of all time.
Philosophers haven't discovered anything new in philosophy in thousands of
years, but lots of other people have and the number one place goes to

> The reason this is forced down our throats is that it is now blasphemy to
> suggest that Science is not the be-all and end-all of
> intelectual inquiry.

At this point I'm not even talking about Science but logic and a distaste
for cheerfully and strongly believing in 2 contradictory things.

  John K Clark

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