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What the study does incurr in the AWARE study, is the method of planting messages in emergency rooms in obscure places, to see if the patient is able to detect the message? If some do, then there are two options. One is chicanery on the part of the hospital stuff, or Parnia, informing the patient or his family about this 'test.' The second possibility, is that everyone is true to their word, and people somehow develop a sort of second sight, during moments of physical damage or stress. If there is no cheating and we get positive results, then we have our choice in what to believe? Big Foot, or UFO? As I mentioned, Parnia's study seems too good to be true, but let him present the evidence. If his evidence is repeatable, then the world is a different place then we thought.

Since the study has been going on five years, and there has been no leak of a positive result, I expect that there are no positive results to report. I find it hard to imagine that an amazing positive result, that would be known to several members of a medical team, could be kept secret.


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