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It's odd  that, although it should be easy to show if it exists, it has 
never been  conclusively demonstrated that while "out of the body" anybody has 
gained any  information about anything that they did not already have when 
they were in  their body.

John K Clark 

John depending on how determined a conspiracy is, and it is  possible, that 
some physicians and patients, and their families collaborate,  lets review 
your phrase, conclusively demonstrated. What are your parameters for  being 
'conclusively demonstrated,' as a scientific-medical endevor? What would  
make something conclusive for you? The reason I ask, is because you stated an  
interesting statement, and I got to wondering how one could conclusively 
proven?  You are aware that there have been curious incidents reported where 
the patient  appeared to know stuff they would be unlikely know. Such as 
where one's dentures  were placed while the patient was unconscious, or a 
tennis shoe on a  hospital rooftop, or the names of electro-cardiac-heat 
lung machines on ID  plates, that were spelled in German. Could it all be a 
conspiracy? Yeah. Then I  ask how likely is such a conspiracy to be carried 
out? Now, I don't know. So, if  you can set criteria, for what is conclusively 
demonstrated, this could be  useful. 
Now, taking the role of a not so skeptical, I wonder how theories in  
physics get rejected as much as NDE stuff does? Like what is our conclusive  
proof for bosonic string theory, or M-brane theory, or Everetts MWI (I like 
 because it sounds wonderful) or Loop Quantum Gravity? Perhaps, its  just  
tougher to test for, then theories of physics, where as, goofing with people 
at  end of life, or in an emergency room, sounds like the researcher might 
run the  risk of arrest, and I don't mean, cardiac, either.

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