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Where's  your evidence of this happening? You're not just claiming that
people have  been resuscitated from a brain dead state, but that they
are conscious as  well. Reliable evidence of this would be big news  indeed!

>From what I understand, Professor, this has been documented by physicians  
in a few situations. We shall see nore (hopefully) this November, when the 
AWARE  study by Sam Parnia, gets announced. He is a leader in resuscitation 
technology  applied to emergeny medicine, and advocates strongly, the use of 
chilling the  tissues, including the brain or course is Parnia's focus. Will 
this report be  more smoke than fire, I am not extremly optimistic. Will 
the particiants in his  study evince no brainwaves apparent, I am not hopeful, 
but I think this would  meet your criteria. 
What the study does incurr in the AWARE study, is the method of planting  
messages in emergency rooms in obscure places, to see if the patient is able 
to  detect the message? If some do, then there are two options. One is 
chicanery on  the part of the hospital stuff, or Parnia, informing the patient 
his family  about this 'test.' The second possibility, is that everyone is 
true to their  word, and people somehow develop a sort of second sight, 
during moments of  physical damage or stress. If there is no cheating and we 
positive results,  then we have our choice in what to believe? Big Foot, or 
UFO? As I mentioned,  Parnia's study seems too good to be true, but let him 
present the evidence. If  his evidence is repeatable, then the world is a 
different place then we  thought.

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