On 27 September 2013 12:18, meekerdb <meeke...@verizon.net> wrote:

>  On 9/26/2013 4:51 PM, chris peck wrote:
> *"Giving the built-in symmetry of this experiment, if asked before the
> experiment about his personal future location, the experiencer must confess
> he cannot predict with certainty the personal outcome of the experiment. He
> is confronted to an unavoidable uncertainty."*
> And the situations are very different because prior to teleportation there
> is one me, waiting to be duplicated and sent to both locations. After
> teleportation there are two 'me's, one at either location. That effects the
> probabilities, surely?
> Mainly because it makes "I" ambiguous.  One answer would be the
> probability of me being in Moscow is zero and the probability of me being
> in Washington is zero, because I am going to be destroyed.
> Another answer would be the probability of me being in Moscow is one and
> the probability of me being in Washington is one, because there are going
> to be two of me.
> Surely this is directly analogous to the situation in the MWI. If I
measure a quantum event like a photon bouncing off / through a
semi-silvered mirror, the chances of each result is 50%. In "classic"
qnautum theory I say there is a 50% chance of seeing the photon reflect,
say. In the MWI I do the same, but I am now aware that the probabilities
work out as they do because I'm duplicated in the process (or two
pre-existing but fungible versions of me have now become distinct - or
perhaps 2 lots of infinite numbers of copies...)

Ignoring the teleporter and just looking at the MWI gives the same results
but is perhaps a bit more intuitive. In the MWI "I" am also destroyed from
moment to moment (or even in classical single-universe physics, if you
attach me to a "brain state" it all gets very Heraclitean), and/or I am
also duplicated from moment to moment (at least).

But the probabilities still work - I have a 50-50 chance of seeing the
photon bouncing or transmitting, and equivalently I have a 50-50 chance to
end up in Moscow or Washington. It just seems less obvious when I'm the
particle in the experiment.

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