On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 8:36 AM, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

 >>  the Christian God who is the most unpleasant  character in all of
>> fiction.
> > It really depends on which Christians, which can be very different from
> one culture to another.

I know some people who call themselves Christian but who are nevertheless
very nice people, but that can only happen because they don't take their
religion as seriously as some, most Muslims for example. Instead they go
through the Bible and embrace the stuff they regard as moral, like being
kind to your fellow human beings, and ignoring the stuff they regard as
immoral, like God engaging in genocide in the Old Testament and Jesus
approving of eternal damnation in the New Testament. The Bible is such a
big chaotic mess of contradictory moral advice that no matter what your
personal views of ethics are you can be certain to find a passage in that
book that you like; and that tells me that morality has nothing to do with
religion in general or the Bible in particular.

> > I use God for any transcendental reality,

What's the difference between reality and transcendental reality? There
must be a difference, otherwise if you told be "I believe in God" I would
have received no new information about you that I didn't already have
because I already knew that anyone smart enough to walk and chew gum at the
same time believes in reality.

> > which implies some experience, and some faith

Yes I understand all that, I know that faith is required to believe in God,
but what I don't understand is why that is supposed to be a virtue.

>> For some reason that I don't fully understand you just want to make the
>> following sound with your mouth "I believe in God" and it doesn't matter
>> what the sound means.
>  > You can replace the term "God" by the term "Reality" or "Truth

That is true, you can replace the term "God" by the term "Reality" or
"Truth,, but you don't.  And the reason you don't is not profound and has
absolutely nothing to do with mathematics or philosophy; you don't because
for some mysterious reason you've fallen in love with the sound your mouth
makes  when it pronounces the word "G-O-D".  There is no other reason.

> The problem is that most people take a reality fro granted,

Well I take the reality of reality for granted, but you almost make that
sound like a bad thing.

> > but in the comp theory that is probably a sort of illusion.

A illusion is a perfectly real subjective phenomenon, and the above
beautifully illustrates what I mean when I say that I have no idea what in
hell your homemade word "comp" means even though you've been talking about
it for years.

  John K Clark

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