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> It takes intelligence and knowledge to write computer program, build a
> machine, and so on. How can we conclude that the software of life, the
> creation of the Universe / multiverse, all just happened on its own,

If the multiverse exists then everything that could happen, no matter how
unlikely, does happen. Life could happen so it does, and I will leave it as
a exercise for the reader to figure out why you just happen to be born in
that rare universe where life does happen. And if you are unsatisfied with
the multiverse explanation how does the God theory do a better job? And
what theory does God use to explain His existence?

> and for no purpose?

Even if the universe has a purpose I don't care what it is because it's not
my purpose. As far as I'm concerned I confer purpose on things not the
universe, and if the universe disagrees the universe can kiss my ass.

> Consider the following: [ various Qur'an quotes of absolutely no
> importance ]

Why on earth would I want to consider the Qur'an or the Bible on scientific
questions, or moral questions for that matter?

  John K Clark

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